Five things we love about safari



1. You don’t have to see anything to see everything

You get up at 5am, have coffee and expectantly jump in the truck. The sun is just coming up, it’s almost silent, nothing about. You drive for 5 minutes maybe 15 or even 30 – there’s no animals. It’s then you realise that your mind is clear, you’re surrounded by fresh air and can breathe freely and can ‘see’ everything!

2. Anticipation

There is nothing like the anticipation you get from being in a safari truck, driving through the bush waiting for what you’ll see next. You turn a corner…an elephant herd or a giraffe behind that tree or lion in the road.

Once your head clears from your pre-safari existence and you’re aware of your surroundings, you spot animals remarkably well – sometimes before the tracker!

3. Sharing time with stunning animals

It’s an absolute privilege to spend time with wild animals in their natural habitat, doing what they do. For us it’s a safari; relaxing and enjoyable; for them it’s daily life, and death. Watching a leopard stalk prey, being in the middle of an elephant herd in a dry river bed or just seeing a rhino grazing through the bush is almost indescribable. We’ll share our top safari moments in future posts.

4. Game rangers & trackers

During our safaris, we’ve been guided by 5 pairs of rangers and trackers – these guys (and girls too, although not on our trucks) just totally make the experience. Their knowledge is astounding – not just about the animals but also the plants, habitat and not forgetting their ability to know exactly how to get everywhere, without a map or any road (well dirt-track) signs!

5. Making new friends

Last but not least, we always meet great people on our safari trips. A beer and a laugh at the end of the day around the fire in the boma near the braai (bar-b-q).

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