Our first 24 hours in the bush

After 32 hours, one train journey, three flights and a car ride we finally arrived at our first lodge just outside the Kruger National Park.  I especially liked to see that the luggage delivery system and baggage reclaim method was still the same at Hoedspruit airport!


We were warmly welcomed with a glass of sherry and a tour of the extensive accommodation before being shown to our room. A quick change into something cooler (it’s over 30 degrees here) and we decided to go and enjoy a drink and the very impressive view from the deck.

Dinner in our lodge is a very social affair with a long communal table headed by one of the rangers. Although, I have to say we weren’t expecting this guest at dinner! It’s a South African bush baby, one of the smallest members of the primate family.

Once everybody was seated (not the bush baby!) the chef came to the table and explained the menu for the evening. I think David’s highlight was the springbok carpaccio! 

After a lovely meal and good company, I was pleased it was finally time for bed!

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