Wildlife rehab visit

Today we decided to visit a local wildlife rehabilitation centre. The tour started with a fascinating talk from one of the team, which covered the history of wildlife in South Africa and the changes to the environment over time. It also highlighted the impact of humans and the interaction between us and animals; showing the story from both sides which is something we don’t always think about.

Next on the tour was an introduction to one of the resident cheetah, which are so elegant looking. This was an opportunity to get up close as well as take photos before being shown around all of the different animals and birds. These included hyena, honey badger, wild dogs, lion and leopard as well as eagles, vultures and other raptors.

As expected, as soon as a volunteer was required to feed the vultures, David was first in the queue! They weigh approximately 10kg, which I thought was a bit heavy for my arm!

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